Rainbow Tree 2020

Installed as a beacon of hope in difficult times Rainbow Tree takes Telegraph Hill back to its roots as a signalling station. Celebrating community, connection and collaboration, inspiring our imaginations to thoughts of a brighter, more compassionate, caring future. The Rainbow Tree was installed on the top of the Telegraph Hill Centre for Christmas, but, due to popular demand, it will stay up until 2nd February 2021.

The plastic poster tubes used to create Rainbow Christmas Tree were rescued from the recycling after a corporate marketing mail out was cancelled. The structure was inspired by the hexagonal organic carbon ring molecules from which the plastic is made and the substance itself. Plastic is a polymer which comes from the Greek ‘poly’ meaning many and ‘mer’ meaning unit. The natural hexagonal shape of the carbon ring is extrapolated from micro to macro to create a robust and elegant sculpture.

Angela McMahon works with discarded materials to create beautiful and thought-provoking sculptures, installations and drawings that cast a spotlight on the environmental footprints and dilemmas of the Anthropocene consumer society.