Artists Statement

I trained and worked as a geologist and environmental consultant before studying Fine Art. I work mainly in sculpture, print and installation and commonly make use of discarded and recycled materials. Drawing on my background in geology I create work that explores the exploitation of natural resources and the traces and imprints of human consumption on the natural world, often within a geological time scale.

For example, series such as Lead Bottles and Polyester Clothing consider how contemporary ‘throwaway’ items such as plastic bottles or cheap fashion made from synthetic fabrics may appear in the future fossil record and form a permanent trace of human existence. Frozen in time, these once mass-produced articles are captured as detailed imprints in lead and wall mounted plaster sculptures and reveal a previously unconsidered beauty. The natural and human resources that go into producing these items and the impact they have far exceeds the value put on them when they are purchased and discarded with little use. My fascination is with consumption and how it is distanced from the processes and materials of making and any thought for the traces of disposal.

The large wall mounted sculpture, Plastic Reef, references the ‘trash vortices’ formed by giant masses of discarded plastic floating in the oceans and trapped by ocean currents. It further explores ideas of value, disposability and the impacts of consumption.

I live and work in South East London.